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AI-enhanced upscaling added to the shooter Enlisted

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announce that online shooter Enlisted now supports Intel Xe Super Sampling, XeSS. This is an AI-enhanced upscaling technology that provides a significant increase in performance while maintaining high image fidelity.

With Intel Xe Super Sampling on, the game image is initially rendered at a reduced resolution, after which it is scaled to a higher resolution using artificial intelligence algorithms and hardware acceleration. Enlisted players can choose between several Intel Xe Super Sampling presets: performance, quality or balanced.

“We always seek to use the latest technologies in our games, especially when they improve the gaming experience,” said Anton Yudintsev, co-founder of Gaijin Entertainment. - Playing at high frame rates is especially important in case of fast-paced shooters like Enlisted, but the picture must also remain sharp. Intel Xe Super Sampling support will allow our users to play more comfortably and get a better experience.”

Internal tests have shown performance gains of up to 50% in Enlisted with Intel Xe Super Sampling enabled running at 4K Ultra Settings. Enlisted currently supports Intel Xe Super Sampling when using Intel Arc video cards. The support for this technology on devices from other vendors will be added to the game later.

The full list of changes is available at the official website of the game.

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