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Players of the VR co-op action FPS can now access the Boulevard Update, as well as get the game on new platforms and in new regions

Theale, UK - March 25th, 2022 – Vertigo Games, the VR specialist publishing and development arm of the global Koch Media Group, continues to expand the world of their 4-player co-op action FPS After the Fall.

After launching the positively received Horde Mode Update on March 10th, Vertigo Games today released the Boulevard Update in addition to the physical edition of After the Fall on PSVR. With its launch on PSVR in Japan today, new Harvest Runners will be able to start their journey in the frozen apocalyptic wasteland as well. The Boulevard Update is one of multiple updates coming to After the Fall’s Frontrunner Season which is freely available to all owners of the game on Meta Quest 2, PSVR (both digital and physical) and PC VR. As part of the Boulevard Update, Vertigo Games released a new video highlighting the new Harvest Run mission, the player skin system, new LMG and the new enemy type.

An expanding frozen apocalyptic world

Following the Horde Mode Update, which brought two Horde Mode maps and the new Revolver, is the Boulevard Update. Both updates have been critically acclaimed by VR specialists and the community. Today’s Boulevard Update brings lots of new content, of which the Boulevard Harvest Run is central. This new map takes players to the frozen streets of Hollywood where they will fight Snowbreed in all existing difficulties. A new Snowbreed has also been introduced: the Skimmer. This creature requires a different approach as it’s the players who have to hunt him down in order to collect a large bounty of harvest. To do so, there is a new LMG for the players to harvest with.

Following the Boulevard update are next month’s free-for-all PvP mode, the Stockpile PvP map and new weapons which are all part of the After the Fall - Frontrunner Season. Vertigo Games also has more equipment, such as consumables, devices and special weapon skins planned for April.

With intense 4-player co-op and cross-play (PC VR, PSVR and Quest 2) at its core, After the Fall offers action-packed co-op gameplay, built from the ground up for VR. Starting out in a shared space with up to 32 other players across all platforms, players venture out into the remains of post-apocalyptic LA in squads of four, wielding weapons with real-life movements. To stay ahead of their enemies, players scavenge the undead-infested VR world, with new discoveries lurking around every corner. When they’re ready, the competitive Tundradome PvP arena and endless hordes in Horde mode awaits them.

Developed by Vertigo Studios Rotterdam (Arizona Sunshine) and published by Vertigo Games, After the Fall - Launch Edition is now available on Quest 2, PSVR and Steam for an SRP of £34.99, with a Deluxe Edition on PSVR and Steam for an SRP of £44.99. A release on the original Quest will follow at a later date. The physical edition called After the Fall – Frontrunner Edition is now available on PSVR for £39.99 and launches on April 12 in the USA.

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