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“Underlab,” the Spiritual Sequel to Social Deduction Game “Project Winter,” Revealed

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA – August 23, 2023 – Offering a feast for social deception fans, after announcing The Walking Dead: Betrayal, developer Other Ocean reveals the teaser trailer for another treacherous title they've been secretly working/conspiring on – Underlab, a social deception and sandbox game set in an underwater laboratory. Play the spiritual sequel to Other Ocean’s cult hit Project Winter before anyone else on PC via Steam by signing up for the closed beta on Underlab’s official site.

Congratulations on joining The Organization, where each member of our underwater lab, from Janitor to Freelancer, serves as an invaluable cog in the wheel towards human progress! Conduct experiments and help The Organization locate the all-powerful and mysterious object code named: The Artifact! Exciting stuff, eh?

A typical day at The Organization: fast paced, thrilling, and full of giant krak — full of tasks as monumentally important as a metaphorical giant kraken! Stop others from slacking off and “put out fires” as an HR Manager. Maintain critical Lab Power Systems prone to breaking in new and suspicious fascinating ways as an Engineer. Keep our accident-prone crew in tip top shape as a Doctor.

However, remain mindful of infiltrators walking among us, masquerading as our own, sabotaging everyone’s hard work. We’re counting on our valued employees to put a stop to nonsense around the laboratory — Security! The Organization operates on a generous three-strike policy, but we would hate to have to say goodbye if anyone got caught up in so many incidents, caused an emergency, or…worse.

Employees will have access to all sorts of equipment to handle such insidious episodes. During the break time that follows an experiment, players are encouraged to get together, figure out what happened and why, and to deduce the identity of possible infiltrators! Additionally, in the midst of any mishaps, please utilize the laboratory’s well-stocked items, such as:

  • Barfbag: prevents someone getting sick and creating a spill. But now you have a full bag of barf that can be thrown at others, or may be used to infect objects and make unsuspecting crew members really sick!

  • Mop and Bucket: really good at cleaning up a lot of spills quickly and keeping them clean for longer. It does however, leave a large slick patch which could be used to make other crew members slip and fall.

  • Medi Syringe: super helpful to instantly heal a sick crewmate. When used it becomes an empty syringe, perfect to suck up toxic sludge and inject someone with it!

Once more, welcome to The Organization. And now, a few words from our Senior Experiment Coordinator… “While many of you cooperated, deceived, and survived in Project Winter, we’re proud to present a new, socially emergent challenge in Underlab,” said Ryan Hale, Product Director of Other Ocean. “Prepare to double down on the ‘social’ in ‘social deception.’ Will you survive the lab? Or sink with it?”

Underlab will open for business globally on PC via Steam. For more information, visit the game’s official website, follow the team on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, join the community on Discord, and search for #underlab and #underlabgame on social media.

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