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Uncover paranormal activity in SCP inspired first-person horror adventure Go Home Annie

Vilnius, Lithuania - October 19th, 2023 - Indie games publisher Nordcurrent Labs has just partnered with developer Misfit Village on the upcoming first-person horror investigation game Go Home Annie. Get ready to uncover the secrets behind a multitude of unexplained phenomena at the shadowy paranormal investigation outfit, the SCP Foundation, when Go Home Annie launches in 2024 on PC and consoles.

In Go Home Annie you assume the role of Annie, a low level employee of the SCP Foundation, a covert organization meant to secure and contain anomalous entities and protect the general public from them. Working for the SCP’s Replication Division, you’re tasked with testing artificially developed paranormal events. You’ll have to solve puzzles, converse with anomalous entities and explore multiple paths to untangle the secrets behind the SCP’s Replication Division.

Why has an organization with the motto “Secure, Contain, Protect” created a division for replicating paranormal events and anomalous entities? Why are you tasked with repeatedly testing the same replicas, with a seemingly never changing outcome? You will need to make drastic decisions to uncover your true purpose and alter the course of your fate.

“We’re big fans of the crowdsourced fiction that’s made up the SCP Foundation over the years, and we wanted to offer our own contribution in game form,”said Mladen Bošnjak, Creative Director at Misfit Village.“Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with SCP fiction though, as Go Home Annie offers a standalone horror adventure that will raise the hairs on any horror fan’s neck!”

“We were instantly enamored with Go Home Annie’s sheer imagination and execution,” said Andrius Mackevičius, Head of Publishing at Nordcurrent Labs.“It was immediately clear to us that the mad geniuses at Misfit Village had a keen understanding of horror, and an original take on the genre that’s full of surprises, verve, and creative energy.” For more information on Go Home Annie:

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