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Two Original Characters Announced for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Through Mysterious Companion Game

LEXINGTON, Kentucky, October 21st, 2022 - After following a month-long breadcrumb trail laid out carefully by Gun Interactive, fans of the upcoming title "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" finally uncovered a mysterious game called "Petals". The game functioned as both the grand finale to a well-hidden ARG and the big reveal of two brand-new characters, Johnny and Sissy, who will be joining the roster of killers when the game launches next year. The two new original characters are created by Gun in partnership and creative cooperation with original screenwriter Kim Henkel.

More details about these two new menacing killers will be revealed later on.

The first breadcrumb of the ARG (alternate reality game) was the Instagram account of Maria Flores which consisted of pictures, news clippings and snippets of lore for would-be detectives to dive into.

From there, community members were sent to google map coordinates, hidden newscasts, and eventually a whole playable game, "Petals" on

In Petals, you play as Maria Flores, sister of main survivor Ana Flores, and through the gameplay, you'll learn more about her story and get introduced to the two new characters.

People can now freely download Petals as a playable game for themselves and follow the entire trail for some fascinating pieces of lore, created by Gun Interactive.

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