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Tropical retro platform action title Super Sunny Island ready for fun in the sun on consoles

Leon, Spain — Ratalaika Games & light UP are proud to announce that Super Sunny Island will be released onto Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Super Sunny Island is a retro-style 2D platformer featuring summer-themed levels and a lovely penguin called "Sunny" who loves nature! One day Sunny, discovered a new island full of life and lush, green things! But at the same time, there are also some vile pirates looking to plunder the peaceful island. They are building a robot army!

Through good luck, Sunny also brought a water gun, which will come pretty handy for both watering flowers and soaking pirates.


  • Visit 5 different summer-themed scenarios

  • All levels in each area are unlocked. You can choose where to go first!

  • Many different Items to collect

  • Colorful 8-bit style graphics

  • Vibrant chiptune style music

Super Sunny Islandwill be priced for 4.99 $ /€ for all platforms, and it will launch on:

  • SONY America: September 2nd

  • SONY Europe: September 2nd

  • XBOX: September 2nd

  • Nintendo Switch (NA & EU): September 2nd

* PS4 and PS5 version will be cross-buy.

* Xbox One and Xbox Series X version will have Smart Delivery.

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