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The Crown of Wu will soon bring a legendary orient to your screen

The Crown of Wu, the videogame developed by Red Mountain in collaboration with the Trazos school, supported by Gammera Nest and PlayStation Talents, will be released by Meridiem Games in digital videogame stores. When? Soon. So soon, that you can already add this title to your wishlist both on Steam and PlayStation Store.

The Crown of Wu is an action-adventure game inspired by the Chinese legend of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. A narrative full of mythology, action, combat and fun, with an unrepeatable soundtrack, composed by Wild Cat Records.

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, is the star of the classic epic Journey to the West. This 16th century novel is as popular in China as Don Quixote is in the West. And it has been chosen by the Red Moutain development studio to create a video game featuring magic, mythology, tradition... but also brimming with combat, parkour, powers and action.

The Crown of Wu places its narrative approach between mythology and science fiction. The player will have to get into the skin of the Monkey King, with ambiguous morals, imprisoned for centuries for his crimes and that, once released, must recover his lost crown to save the world from destruction.

Sun Wukong masters the powers of fire, air, earth and lightning. The player will have to learn to control them against multiple enemies, through a simple and intuitive combat system. He must also make use of agility to overcome the obstacles of its spectacular scenery and ingenuity to solve the puzzles that open the way to the crown.

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