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Tales From the Loop – The Board Game Out Now!

Step Into Simon Stålenhag's Stunning Retro Sci-Fi World in the Cooperative Board Game launched today by Free League

Step into the amazing world of the Loop. Tales From the Loop - The Board Game by Free League Publishing, based on the works by acclaimed visual storyteller Simon Stålenhag, has launched today and is available in the Free League webshop and in retail stores world-wide.

In Tales From the Loop - The Board Game, you and your friends play cooperatively to investigate the mysteries originating from the Loop, a huge underground science facility with strange effects on the suburban landscapes around it.

You take the roles of local kids that investigate whatever phenomena that threaten the islands (or perhaps just the local video store), and hopefully stop them. Each day starts at school, but as soon as the bell rings you can use whatever time you have before dinner and homework to go exploring!

Tales From the Loop The Board Game includes eight unique scenarios as well as six high-quality miniatures of Simon Stålenhag's robot designs.

The Release Includes:

Tales From the Loop - The Board Game Invasive Species expansion The Runaway expansion

Read more about the game here.

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