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Super Buff HD release date confirmed with bufftacular new trailer

20 SEPTEMBER, 2022 – Indie publisher Digerati is turbo-pumped to announce to the world that Super Buff HD will be launching later this month on PC. The fragtastic buff battlin' FPS, which is jam-packed with blam-o, kerchow, beef and BOOOOM, arrives 29 September on Steam, priced $8.99. Players with enough hunkin' buff will be able to purchase the game with an incredibly powerful 20% discount for a limited time.

Developed by a dream team of dreamy developers operating under the guise of Buffcorp, Super Buff HD is a high-score movement shooter painstakingly designed for players with a greedy need for speed, an insatiable trigger finger, and a burning passion for MS Paint. Grind rails, body-surf enemies, and get huge air as you dumb 'n' gun through a deranged world overrun by buff dudes.

Super Buff HD will also be bench-pressing its way to Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox in 2024.

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