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Sun Wukong, the Monkey King,Joins Divine Knockout as Playable God

ATLANTA – JANUARY 25 – Today Sun Wukong becomes the second released small-but-mighty God in the action-packed 3rd-person platform fighter Divine Knockout, following Zeus earlier in January for a total of 12 playable Gods. The formidable Monkey King from the Chinese pantheon follows one rule: to always have a trick up his sleeve.

The Sun Wukong Update also introduces a new Arena, daily rewards, and improvements on all fronts. Below is a detailed overview while extensive information can be found on the Update Notes here:

Sun Wukong wields a legendary staff that he can magically extend across the battlefield to smack unsuspecting foes. He can also transform into a tiger with increased speed and ferocity – or into an eagle with the ability to fly! In true trickster fashion, our facetious monkey can summon a mobile, battle-ready clone sure to confuse and confound. Adding to the mayhem, Sun Wukong can swap positions with his twin.

Playing as Sun Wukong feels like being a fast-paced damage powerhouse with the right answer to any situation – as long as it requires attacking. If you like taking the fight to your enemies, outwitting them and leaving them no room to breathe, the Monkey King might just be your next DKO main.

In Divine Knockout, all playable characters can be unlocked for free just by playing. Earn God tokens as you level up each God and use those tokens to unlock any other God – forever. Gods can also be directly purchased with Runes bought with real money.

The Sun Wukong Update also includes a wide variety of new content for everyone:

  • Scuttleboat Scuffle – The new Arena in 1v1 and 2v2 modes! Duke it out beneath a red sky where the key to victory lies in controlling the high ground. Make your opponents see that there is not enough room to go around for the best fishing spot in the east.

  • Daily login rewards – Boosters, Runes, Stars, and even an exclusive cosmetic

  • New high-quality skins – Cyber Samurai Susano and First Pri-Mate Sun Wukong

DKO’s most committed and competitive players should be delighted to find many feedback-based improvements, such as blind picks, restrictions for the Oddball carrier, and camera improvements for gamepads. Balance changes have also been applied using match data and player sentiment, and over a hundred bugs have been fixed.

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