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"Street Fighter™: Duel" × "Monster Hunter" collaboration event!

Publisher A PLUS JAPAN INC. announced on March 6th that the CAPCOM-authorized RPG mobile game "Street Fighter™: Duel" will present a collaboration event with "Monster Hunter". The Gore Magala limited-time event will be available from March 16th to March 29th.

"Gore Magala" has invaded the world of "Street Fighter™: Duel"! Wycademy invites all fighters to participate in the mission and assist Ken in the crusade against the Gore Magala.

New Fighter Gore Magala Ken joins the fight!

“Gore Magala Ken” is a fighter who is capable of inflicting both single-target and AOE damage. He is of the Infernal King Faction, which grants your team a buff according to the number of fighters belonging to the Infernal king faction in your team.

Gore Magala Ken proves himself a very aggressive fighter; his fighter type is Balanced, and with a fighting style of Savage which gives him + 25 ATK. According to your team composition, he can be a primary or secondary damage dealer.

He could also be strong in the PvP perspective as his supercombo “Tetsuzanko” can deal massive single-target damage. Gore Magala Ken will be a fine addition to the team with solid combos, as his abilities automatically stack with other fighters when they are comboing.

The hunt is on! Challenge Gore Magala and win exclusive rewards

"Wycademy Assist" will supply food to fighters and receive a certain buff before challenging Gore Magala, similarly in the "Monster Hunter" series, in which hunters consume food from the Felyne Bistro/Canteen before their mission. During the "Gore Magala Hunt", it is recommended to select deploy Gore Magala Ken for the hunting event to receive a damage buff for your team.

Players will challenge Gore Magala's three body parts (wings, claws, and head) to receive different rewards corresponding to its body part depending on the damage dealt, which can be used for exchanging rewards such as avatar frame: Gore Magala, valuable fighters, and Arcade Coins from the "Wycademy Supplies".

When challenging Gore Magala, there will be preferences toward fighters factions. For instance, fighters from the specific Faction can deal more and take less damage when challenging the corresponding body part. The Gore Magala also possesses a normal state and rage state, meaning players who like to challenge themselves can go ahead and fight the wyvern in its rage state. There will also be another event-Shadaloo Invasion. Participate in this event to claim rewards such as "Monster Bone" and "Wyvern Tear". Wyvern Tear is essential for unlocking Gore Magala Ken.

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