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SpiderHeck Weaves Summer Content Roadmap, Spinning Up This Month

RIGA, LATVIA — June 7, 2023 — SpiderHeck, the non-stop co-op brawler from developer Neverjam and publisher tinyBuild, finds new ways for bugs to brutally battle in style thanks to tons of new content, special cosmetics, and achievements, as unveiled during the Guerilla Collective Showcase today.

In the first series of updates, take creativity to the next level with the new Versus Map Editor, coming to SpiderHeck this month! Craft battlegrounds matching preferred playstyles, from focused Final Destination-inspired arenas to creative, chaotic colosseums. Utilize a number of tools and options to create ultimate arenas to catch those hands – or in this case, seven tiny legs (remember, in SpiderHeck, the lil’ guys have six for movin’, and one for killin’).

Later this year, expect new level hazards: invincible enemies, lasers swinging from the ceiling, and dangerous platforms are just a few of the new dangers arachnids can expect across regular levels, Parkour Mode, and the Versus Map Editor.

This summer, also experience Limited Tiers of Heck: never-before-seen levels with opportunities to unlock a variety of brand new cosmetic items and rewards upon challenge completion. And because gatekeeping is never cool, the community can submit their own tiers for a chance to be added to the main game for everyone to survive play. The Scroll of Heck arrives in time to help gamers track cosmetics and unlocked requirements all in one place.

“As promised from the start, we will continue work on new content and updates for SpiderHeck for years to come,” said Uvis Zviedris, creator of SpiderHeck. “Next on the pipeline should be to finally drop an expanding crossplay – PC and Xbox and first, with PlayStation coming later – and dedicated servers for even more spider mayhem!”

SpiderHeck is available now for PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam for USD $14.99 / €.14.99. It offers English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese language support.

For more information, visit SpiderHeck’s official website, wishlist it on Steam, follow @tinyBuild and @neverjamdev on Twitter, and join the spidery Discord community.

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