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School-themed RPG The Caligula Effect 2 releases today on Steam and Epic Games!

historia, Inc. (representative: Shun Sasaki; based in Shinagawa, Tokyo) releases the school-themed RPG The Caligula Effect 2 today, June 23, 2022, 12:00 pm JST/June 22, 8:00 pm PDT/June 23, 3:00 am GMT/June 23, 5:00 am on the Steam Store and the Epic Games Store. The lead character designer of the project, Oguchi reveals a new key art to go with the PC version release of The Caligula Effect 2. To celebrate the PC release, as well as the 6 year anniversary of the series, a one-week 30% discount kicks off today.

Steam Store Page:

Epic Games Store Page:

■ A key art for the PC version has been revealed We are pleased to announce the release of a new key art to go with the PC version release, created by Oguchi, who has been in charge of character design throughout “The Caligula Effect” series. ■ One-week 30%-off sale! We’re celebrating the PC release as well as the 6-year anniversary of the series with a 30%-off sale. Don’t let this special opportunity pass you by! [Effective dates] Thursday, June 23, 2022 - Wednesday, June 29, 2022 ■ New costume, “Retro Tatefushi Uniform” added at launch! An old style Tatefushi Academy (the school attended by the Go-Home Club) uniform that no longer exists will be added as a new costume. Costumes can be changed via the newly added costume field in the equipment screen.

You’ll be able to change costumes right from the start of the game, so it’s a feature that can be enjoyed by new and returning players alike. ■ “The Caligula Effect 2” Product details [About “The Caligula Effect 2”] "I’ll show the ideal(YOU) reality(HELL) ." Make your way home with companions bearing heavy burdens in this school-themed RPG. From the Caligula Effect, a school-themed RPG series titled after the sense of guilt and exhilaration that one feels from doing something they shouldn’t, comes an all-new experience that explores two core themes of characters who are afflicted with the suffering of the current era known as “Modern Pathology” and a thrilling scenario centered around the phrase “Killing your idols”, and combines them with a unique battle system and songs by Vocaloid-P musicians. [Story of “The Caligula Effect 2”] “No Regrets...” The mysterious Virtuadoll, Regret. The virtual world, Redo, that she created, in which the regrets of the past are erased. It’s a world where the thoughts of “if only it went differently” or “if I had done that instead” that we all secretly harbor, become a reality. It’s a tepid world free of regrets, where that “What if” life can be experienced. In an ideal world separated from past regrets, the main characters who noticed the deception of this world gain the help of another virtual doll and form the Go-Home Club with the intent to return to reality. Taking on the creator of this virtual world, they embark on the most difficult walk home from school imaginable. ■ About historia, Inc. historia, Inc. is a company that develops and sells video games. They were responsible for the development of The Caligula Effect: Overdose, as well as The Caligula Effect 2. Their other flagship titles include JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor(development), Athletic VR Pac-Man Challenge(development support), and The Market of Light, among others. Please check out our official website( and official Twitter account(!

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