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PROGRESS Wrestling Presents: Return Of The Fly

Former Partners, now stand on opposite sides of the ring in an epic battle that will headline PROGRESS Wresling Return Of The Fly at The Dome, Tufnell Park, London on Tuesday 27th September.

Off the back of a successful return with current tag partner Masa Takanashi, Chris Brookes as CDK (Calamari Drunken Kings) defeated Lykos Gym in a serious heated affair at Chapter 142: The Deadly Viper Tour - Codename: California Mountain Snake Lykos Kid vowed to avenge their defeat upon Brookes.

Brookes has duly obliged and has signed straight on for the 1 on 1 battle that will no doubts take the roof right off if his ovation in Birmingham is anything to go by.

A main event that doesn't need titles on the line to measure its importance. Chris Brookes Vs. Kid Lykos. Battling for more than just bragging rights. This one is personal.

Big Damo did it again in Birmingham. This time he unseated Luke Jacobs in a back and forth powerful title match that left the audience on their feet applauding both combatants. But this time it was Damo with his hand raised and the Atlas title in the other.

Once again, Big Damo has promised to keep busy with his title defences and is not even waiting as he faces Shigehiro Irie at The Dome in his first Atlas defence.

Irie, who also competed at Chapter 142 taking the win against Gene Munny in another classic battle, jumped at the chance to face Damo for the title. Irie who hails from Osaka, Japan has battled across many continents in his career and is now hoping to make a lasting impression to the PROGRESS fans and serve up Big Damo with another short reign, this time with the Atlas title as the prize.

Elsewhere on Return Of The Fly, Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) head back to London to face-off against Violence Is Forever (Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini) in a truly international flavoured tag match that is sure to end up being a fan favourite on the night.

"Drilla" Dan Moloney meanwhile takes on Elijah to restore some pride to the 0121 after Man Like DeReiss narrowly missed out taking the title from Spike Trivet in Birmingham. Unfortunately for Elijah, he will be the recipient for Moloney and the 0121's frustrations.

It's an all female affair in this women's tag match as the hugely popular Royal Aces (Jetta & Charli Morgan) return once more to the PROGRESS ring to face The Lana Austin Experience's deadly duo of Skye Smitson & LA Taylor. With Lana accompanying them to ringside, the Experience are bound to have chaos in mind as they seek to continue putting their stamp on the ladies division.

The first match in the Natural Progression Series 8 will take place at Return Of The Fly as the final qualifier Peter Tihanyi takes on Ricky Knight Jr. in this quarterfinal matchup. Tihanyi from Budapest, will Give RKJ a run for his money as the two collide to advance to the next round in the tournament.

More from the women's division as the Revelations Of Divine Love tournament winner Rhio is back after suffering a loss at the hands of Laura Di Matteo at Chapter 140: Golf | Wrestling | Madrid In That Order. Now taking on Taonga once more (Rhio took the win at the last trip to the Dome at Roy Johnson's Everything's Patterned) Rhio's looking to get back to the win column and Taonga is out for revenge.

Finally after holding the Atlas title for 160 days, Luke Jacobs ended up relinquishing it to Big Damo in Birmingham at the weekend, but rather than feel sorry for himself the Young Gun, who was reunited with his tag partner Ethan Allen (after a injury had him sidelined) at the same event, will now face the other half of CDK, Masa Takanashi, in what will be no doubts a spectacular match up!

The final few tickets for Return Of The Fly are still available at


Return Of The Fly

Main Event

Chris Brookes Vs. Kid Lykos


Big Damo (c) Vs. Shiehiro Irie

Aussie Open Vs. Violence Is Forever


Royal Aces Vs. The Lana Austin Experience (Skye Smitson & LA Taylor)

Dan Moloney Vs. Elijah


Quarter Final Match

Peter Tihanyi Vs. Ricky Knight Jr.

Rhio Vs. Taonga

Luke Jacobs Vs. Masa Takanashi

Card subject to change

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