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PROGRESS Wrestling Presents: Chapter 144: The Deadly Viper Tour - Codename: Snake Charmer

The final stop on the Deadly Viper Tour, PROGRESS Wrestling lands at the Tramshed, Cardiff once more for Chapter 144: Codename: Snake Charmer. It will be yet another action packed event that will set the path of what's to come for the final months of 2022.

Mike Bird was the inaugural winner of Super Mob Smash XII and immediately called his shot for Lord Spike Trivet's title in an emotional speech after the match.

Spike Trivet was none too impressed by the impassioned speech and has vowed to not only beat Mike Bird, but in doing so crown himself the new 'Prince of Wales' as this will be the second time he will be beating a hometown hero in Wales. Last time it was Eddie Dennis, this time he plans to ruin Mike Bird's coronation plans and will "really really really, enjoy it".

'Flying' Mike Bird, considered by many as 'The Godfather of Welsh wrestling' is a 17 year veteran of the sport. His tough ground based style is not for the faint of heart. His self-deprecating humour coupled with his hard edged wrestling is a devastating combination, which Danny Black discovered last time out at the Tramshed, when Mike Bird battered Black around the ring and picked up the win. He also outlasted the other 11 competitors in the Super Mob Smash XII to grasp his title shot and he's not going to let it go to waste.

Is the champion Lord Spike Trivet looking past the challenger? Will Trivet's Dark Guardian, Bullit be a factor or will Mike Bird with a baying hometown crowd behind him finally end the tyranny of the 'Vulture of PROGRESS' and be crowned the new PROGRESS champion?

Kanji returns to defend the PROGRESS Women's championship against Millie Mckenzie, who now 2-0 since returning to PROGRESS earlier this year.

McKenzie, who made her triumphant return at the Birmingham leg of the Deadly Viper Tour - Codename: California Mountain Snake, taking down Laura Di Matteo, then followed by another victory against Alexxis Falcon in Manchester to earn her title shot.

Kanji who has had her fair share of troubles with the Lana Austin Experience of late, gets some respite from the self proclaimed 'Queen of PROGRESS' and now faces a very different challenge in the shape of Millie McKenzie. While she won't be worrying about outside distractions this time, Kanji will have to be at the top of her game to beat the surging Millie McKenzie, who has a lot of momentum behind her currently.

The PROGRESS tag team champions, Sunshine Machine are at a pivotal moment in PROGRESS history. If they beat the Greedy Souls on Sunday, they will be another step closer to the all time record for championship defences. The only problem is this time, they are facing the Greedy Souls in their hometown and it's a tables elimination match.

In what undoubtedly will be one of the biggest crowd reactions of the night, the Tramshed has added extra amounts of sound proofing and reinforcements to the roof to stop it being blown off, FSU return for the first time in many years in a PROGRESS ring.

Eddie Dennis returned to PROGRESS a couple of months ago and now is joined by his long time tag partner Mark Andrews, in their home country, as they take on Man Like Dereiss and Omari. Dereiss and Omari are a spectacular combination that will be aiming to dampen the party by picking up the huge win here.

Rhio was taken to her limits when she clashed with The Lana Austin Experience member Skye Smitson in Manchester. But now she joins with Jetta who is yet another member of the PROGRESS women's roster who had her own problems with Lana Austin and co. at Return Of The Fly. So now, Rhio and Jetta have joined forces to try and stop Lana and LA Taylor's momentum (and anymore Lana-oke?). Lana is always plans ahead, so it will interesting to see what she has up her sleeve this time as the Experience faces PROGRESS newest dynamic duo.

The remaining quarter final of the Natural Progression Series 8 brings together CPF's 'Just' Joe Lando and Nico Angelo, who makes his PROGRESS debut in Cardiff. Which one will advance to the semi final and be one step closer to the final and win the entire series?

Tom Dawkin's first outing without the Cara Noir persona was a frustrating and ultimately unsuccessful affair as PROGRESS champion Spike Trivet reminded him frequently throughout the match with Elijah in Manchester. With that loss it's back to the drawing board as the Vulture of PROGRESS is haunting his every move.

He now faces Tate Mayfairs, who has already qualified for the NPS 8 Semi Finals, has beaten Gene Munny and Effy just as he predicted and has been telling anyone who will listen. Tate Mayfairs has already declared his next win to be over Dawkins.

Dawkins has to overcome himself and the shadow of Trivet if he is to conquer Mayfairs and get himself back on the path to winning ways. But Mayfairs is unstoppable in his self belief currently, after all... Tateness IS Greatness.

Raven Creed returns to PROGRESS after coming up short in her straight jacket match against Lana Austin at Chapter 139: Warriors Come Out To Play. The unhinged one now gets to take on 'The Ultimate Diva' Taonga, who fancies herself as the next member of The Lana Austin Experience, despite Lana not seeing it that way. Taonga may be using this as a proving ground to show Lana that she's good enough and making a statement of Lana's previous foe could be a way of doing that. Unfortunately for her, Raven Creed is no stepping stone and it could be a painful lesson for Taonga to learn in Cardiff. Because Lykos Gym really love to embrace the foreign fighters that enter PROGRESS from time to time, in Cardiff they get to face American duo Kidd Bandit & Warhorse. Kidd Bandit and Warhorse have been exhibiting their unique style internationally, now get to show the PROGRESS crowds what they are all about. Lykos Gym however have been on a tear of their own, building up quite the winning streak recently, including the match of the year candidate against Chris Brookes in a No DQ match that Full Metal Lykos put his entire body & soul on the line en route to victory. Whatever happens at Chapter 144: Deadly Viper Tour - Codename: Snake Charmer, you won't want to miss out on any of the action.

Only standing tickets are left! Grab them while you can here to avoid disappointment



Chapter 144

The Deadly Viper Tour: Snake Charmer

Main Event


Spike Trivet (c) Vs. Mike Bird


Kanji (c) Vs. Millie McKenzie



Sunshine Machine (c) Vs. The Greedy Souls



Joe Lando Vs. Nico Angelo

FSU Vs. Omari & Man Like Dereiss

Rhio & Jetta Vs. The Lana Austin Experience (Lana Austin & LA Taylor)

Tom Dawkins Vs. Tate Mayfairs

Raven Creed Vs. Taonga

Kidd Bandit & War Machine Vs. Lykos Gym

Card subject to change

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