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PROGRESS Wrestling Presents: Chapter 142 Codename California Mountain Snake

On the latest stop on the Deadly Viper Tour, PROGRESS Wrestling lands at the O2 Academy Birmingham for Chapter 142: California Mountain Snake and what an event it promises to be! 4 Titles are on the line with Spike Trivet headlining against what will likely be one of his toughest opponents yet.

PROGRESS standout and Birmingham's own Man Like Dereiss will face the champion after winning the 7-man scramble match at Chapter 141, which saw him not only beat several PROGRESS standouts, but some of GCW's finest competitors to secure his title shot in his hometown. Dereiss is really a star on the rise after putting in performance after performance to really earn his spot against the 'Vulture of PROGRESS' Spike Trivet.

Trivet has a new disciple in the shape of the monster Dark Guardian by his side, a man we know little about, or even if we will see him once more by Trivet's side. But you can be sure that Trivet will do everything in his power to ensure that he retains the title he's attained via his own nefarious ways!

PROGRESS Women's Champion Kanji problem's with Lana Austin continued at Chapter 141 as 'The Lana Austin Experience' grew that much stronger by adding the towering LA Taylor to the fold and getting an assist in the win against Kanji & Allie Katch. Lana also scored the winning pinfall against Kanji in the match, which has led us to this point.

Can Lana pin Kanji twice in a row and this time take the PROGRESS Women's title? Will Skye Smitson and LA Taylor be a factor? Kanji has battled the odds before and come out on top, so this will be one that everyone will be talking about!

PROGRESS tag team champions the Sunshine Machine will once again defend their titles, this time against Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) who arrive from the US ready to make their PROGRESS debut and take the titles. This match will mark Sunshine Machine's 7th defence of the titles, which breaks the first record of defences in a single title reign. If they manage to retain the titles against Violence Is Forever they will be another step closer in their quest to break the all time combined defences of 9.

PROGRESS Atlas Champion Luke Jacobs arrives at the O2 Academy Birmingham to defend the title against former PROGRESS World Champion Big Damo. Jacobs has not only been unstoppable in his defences, but is growing stronger by the day. Damo got used to the feel of Championship gold and now wants some more. These two behemoths will collide for the Atlas Championship in a match that will seemingly be a case of the unstoppable force vs. the immovable object.

Chris Brookes returns to his home (Chris hails from Coventry) from Japan with CDK (Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi) to take on his former tag partner in Kid Lykos against the Lykos Gym Chris has vowed to let the Lykos Gym know exactly what the Calamari Drunken Kings are all about. Lykos have a habit of bitting off more than they can chew, but this match has much more on the line with the history between Brookes and Lykos. This will be the main event outside of the main event with Brookes return to the UK for the first time in years. Expect the roof to come off the O2 when Brookes steps out!

Millie McKenzie is back in PROGRESS and will face a more aggressive Laura Di Matteo, than we have seen of late. With her frustration boiled over after failing to dethrone Kanji, will Laura take her frustrations out on local hero Millie? Or will Millie serve Laura up another loss?

PROGRESS Natural Progression Series 8 qualifying matches conclude with this four way for the final qualifying slot in the tournament. The match features Peter Tihanyi from Hungary,

"The Bollywood Dream" Hari Singh from Dudley, Tom Thelwell from Manchester and "The Wolf Of Brawl Street" Alexander Roth.

Both Thelwell and Tihanyi are making their PROGRESS debuts, while both Singh and Roth were last seen at Everything Patterned in March.

Aussie Open are on a tear across the world currently. The current NJPW STRONG Openweight Tag Team Title holders return to PROGRESS to take on the CPF (Danny Black & Maverick Mayhew) in what will be a perfect clash of styles.

Finally, Gene Munny Champion, Gene Munny who gave Matt Cardona all that he could handle at Chapter 141, now takes on the powerhouse, "Beast Mode" Shiegehiro Irie in what will be a non stop display from two of the biggest and best on the independent scene currently.

Tickets are limited. Grab them while you can here to avoid disappointment


Chapter 142

California Mountain Snake

Main Event


Spike Trivet (c) Vs. Man Like Dereiss


Kanji (c) Vs. Lana Austin


Sunshine Machine (c) Vs. Violence Is Forever


Luke Jacobs (c) Vs. Big Damo

CDK Vs. Lykos Gym


Winner qualifies for Natural Progressions Series 8

Peter Tihanyi Vs. Hari Singh Vs. Tom Thelwell Vs. Alexander Roth

Millie McKenzie Vs. Laura Di Matteo

Aussie Open Vs. CPF

Gene Munny Vs. Shigehiro Irie

Card subject to change

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