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PROGRESS Wrestling Presents CHAPTER 141: Handshakes & Cheeseburgers

Are you ready for a blockbuster event as PROGRESS Wrestling and GCW collide on National Cheeseburger Day at the Electric Ballroom, Camden for CHAPTER 141: Handshakes And Cheeseburgers? (Although, we don't think there will be many handshakes going on)

With 3 titles set to be defended and a number 1 contender to be decided, the event is headlined by PROGRESS Champion Spike Trivet as he takes on a blast from his past, Drew Parker who has challenged the champion to a Deathmatch for the PROGRESS title. Expect carnage as the former DNR team-mates are set to go at it. Parker already holds one victory over Trivet. Can he make it two and walk away with the PROGRESS title this time?

Parker has made a name for himself destroying everything in sight including himself, in his favourite type of match, but Trivet is yet to confirm whether he will face him once again on his terms.

PROGRESS Women's Champion Kanji has started to have some problems with Lana Austin, so she has called on GCW’s Allie Katch to join her in a tag match against the pairing of Lana and a returning Skye Smitson. These ladies are not known for holding anything back and this one is sure to be one to remember.

PROGRESS tag team champions the Sunshine Machine will defend their titles against Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) who return to a PROGRESS ring for the first time since CHAPTER 126: Behold the Turtle. This will no doubt be yet another show stealer as both teams won't be beaten easily.

In a PROGRESS first, Matt Cardona's Internet Championship will be on the line as he faces the Gene Munny Champion, Gene Munny at the Ballroom. Cardona (Formerly known as WWE's Zack Ryder), caused Munny to lose his match against Tate Mayfairs at CHAPTER 139: Warriors Come Out To Play, when he showed up on the big screen causing a distraction, which led to Munny's loss. Now a verbal jousting match via online messages has erupted and will only be sorted out when they face each other in the squared circle on September 18th.

PROGRESS & GCW wrestlers will battle it out in a 6 man No.1 contenders match at CHAPTER 141, with the winner getting the coveted No.1 contender spot for their promotion.

Representing GCW are Cole Raddick, Jordan Oliver & Tony Deppen. Representing PROGRESS will be Man Like Dereiss, Danny Black & Robbie X.

With the level of talent involved in this match you can be sure of one thing, this is one that will tear the house down.

Nick Wayne after stunning PROGRESS audiences with his UK & European debut in his battle against Robbie X at CHAPTER 136: 24/7, Wayne returns to face PROGRESS very own young superstar in the making Callum Newman in which many people will be considering for the possible show stealer of the night.

International superstar Joey Janela will collide with Kid Lykos in another fantastically primed battle and one in which you can be certain that Kid Lykos will have more than one or two things to say for himself.

"The Weapon Of Sass Destruction" Effy is set to take on "The Greatest Professional Wrestler To Ever Walk Planet Earth" Tate Mayfairs in what is set to be one of the more outrageous matches at CHAPTER 141. Buckle up as this one is sure to defy ALL expectations!

Finally, Blake Christian faces the "Youngest In Charge" Leon Slater. Slater is one of PROGRESS superstars in the making and taking on the high flying Blake Christian will be yet another huge test for the 0.000001%. Christian will be making his first appearance in PROGRESS at CHAPTER 141 and he will be looking to ensure that it's one to remember on his debut in the Electric Ballroom.

Tickets are almost sold out. Grab them while you can here to avoid disappointment



Chapter 141

Handshakes And Cheeseburgers

Main Event


Spike Trivet (c) Vs. Drew Parker


Sunshine Machine (c) Vs. Kings Of The North


Matt Cardona (c) Vs. Gene Munny


Kanji (c) & Allie Katch Vs. Lana Austin & Skye Smitson


Winner gets No.1 contender for their promotion GCW/PROGRESS

Cole Radrick Vs. Jordan Oliver Vs. Tony Deppen Vs. Man Like Dereiss Vs. Danny Black Vs. Robbie X

Nick Wayne Vs. Callum Newman

Joey Janela Vs. Kid Lykos

Effy Vs. Tate Mayfairs

Blake Christian Vs. Leon Slater

Card subject to change

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