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PROGRESS Wrestling - Chapter 146: They Think It's All Over *RESULTS*

PROGRESS Wrestling SUPERSHOW Chapter 146: They Think It's All Over... returned to the Electric Ballroom, Camden in London on November 27th.

Just when you thought it was all over, another great match appeared time after time all evening. A new champion was crowned (That we are likely to be hearing about for a while...) The latest winner of the NPS Tournament stood tall. This and all the other chaos from Chapter 146: They Think It's All Over... is revealed below.

PROGRESS WRESTLING SUPERSHOW Chapter 146 They Think It's All Over... The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London. 27th November 2022.

Main Event PROGRESS WOMEN"S CHAMPIONSHIP Lana Austin Def. Kanji (c) - NEW CHAMPION PROGRESS MEN's CHAMPIONSHIP Spike Trivet (c) Def. Jonathan Gresham Big Damo & Axel Tischer Def. Luke Jacobs & Chris Ridgeway NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES 8 FINAL Ricky Knight Jr. Def. Tate Mayfairs Anthony Ogogo & 'DANkinfenwa' Moloney Def. Malik & Kosta Konstantino HAIR VS. MASK Kid Lykos Def. Chuck Mambo Bullit Def Tom Dawkins Charles Crowley Def. Elijah Rhio Vs. Skye Smitson - No Contest Man Like Dereiss Def. Cheeseburger Alexxis Falcon Def. Laura Di Matteo

The show was headlined with the PROGRESS Women's Title match with Kanji taking on 'Daily Star's favourite wrestler™' Lana Austin once more. After a back and forth battle and some interference from the Lana Austin Experience, Lana in the final moments flattened Kanji to take the decisive victory and was crowned the new PROGRESS Women's Champion! Lana celebrated in the way only she knows how to and the Experience were jubilant. The crowd greeted the match and her win with a standing ovation despite her displays of meaness. The reign of the 'Queen Of Mean' has begun!

The Supershow opened with Spike Trivet defending his title once more against former champion and International superstar Jonathan Gresham. Before the match began Gresham got on the mic to apologise for his actions by buying all of the front row in attendance a drink from the bar! Spike doing anything he could to his title, Bullit once again being the difference maker, dropping Spike's cane from the balcony to the ring for the Sovereign Lord to finish Gresham off with.. Spike now awaits the announcement of his next challenger to his coveted title. The vulture of PROGRESS has done it again.

The tag team formerly known as SAnitY, Big Damo and Axel Tischer reunited to take on the make shift team and stars of the future, Luke Jacobs and Leon Slater, after Chris Ridgeway suffered an injury earlier in the day. Axel Tischer scored the victory for his team after a titanic battle between the two teams had the crowd in attendance on the edge of their seats. Both teams came close in a succession of near falls. But it was Damo and Tischer who walked away the victors.

Ricky Knight Jr. is your new Natural Progession Series 8 winner. After Tate Mayfairs in a failed attempt to use the brass knucks on RKJ, Ricky emphatically sealed the match with a modified powerbomb, picking up the pin and the trophy. RKJ now gets to pick his title shot at a any title and time of his choosing. It'll be interesting going forward to see where he decides to call his shot. Post match, Mayfairs did't take his loss too well and after venting his frustrations in the direction of ring announcer Simon Miller once more, Miller finally had enough and got up in Mayfairs face which resulted in tempers spilling over and security having to pull them apart before things went too far.

Charles Crowley believes he has now reached his 'Apotheosis' after he pinned Elijah for a second time and thus beat the 'Elijah code'. He then declared to the crowd that he has risen to a level of a 'Wrestling God' where the rules simply don't exist for him. And in light of this he called out the 'Son of Nothing' Maggot for a rematch at Unboxed V: Deal Or No Deal? Breaking a rule of no matches being announced prior to the event. We await to hear from Maggot to see if he accepts the return match from Crowley.

Chuck Mambo lost his hair in his grudge match with Kid Lykos after falling to defeat in their Hair Vs. Mask stipulation match. After mistiming a frog splash, Mambo injured his forearm and the devious Lykos capitalised on it and forced the submission with a armbar, to save his mask and take Mambo's hair. The blood feud between the Sunshine Machine and Lykos Gym rages on and sees no signs of slowing after this hard to take defeat for Mambo. Also, over a 31000

Elsewhere on the card

Anthony Ogogo sprung a surprise on Malik and Kosta, Adebayo Akinfewa had to pull out of their match, due to unforeseen circumstances. Declaring "PROGRESS WRESTLING has got more than Beast!" The Guv'Nor called upon the 'Drilla' Dan Moloney to come and help out. A superb decision it turned out to be too, despite Kosta and Malik having the numbers advantage with the 265 OG'z accompanying them once more to ringside, the team of Ogogo and 'DANkinfenwa' scored the pin on Kosta and walked away with the victory. Akinfenwa himself has put Kosta and Malik on future notice that this isn't over...

Bullit silenced the crowd after pinning Tom Dawkins with an almighty chokeslam. At one point it looked like Dawkins would get the win and another shot at PROGRESS Champion Spike Trivet, but Bullit's strength, size and power was simply too much for Tom Dawkins to overcome. Finally, Bullit left Dawkins down and out in the ring after an almighty choke slam finished him off. After the match Dawkins stunned the crowd By announcing that he's leaving PROGRESS for the foreseeable future as he's imply can't carry on without being Cara Noir.

Rhio's battle with 'The Villainness' Skye Smitson was deemed a no contest after her match with Smitson turned into a uncontrollable brawl, with the match unable to be contained by the referee with illegal punches and shots be thrown. Smitson was accompanied by the Lana Austin Experience's LA Taylor, battled Rhio all around, in and out of the ring ending up with the referee LK Ashley calling for the bell due to un-sports person like conduct throughout from both wrestlers. LA Taylor struggled to calm The Villianess down after the match and it looks like things are not over between these two by a long shot.

Man Like Deriess debuted his new song 'Buy My Merch!' before his match with international superstar Cheeseburger. A spectacular match which could have gone either way. But the 'Lyrical Dragon' was the one with his hand raised when all was said and done. The crowd let Cheeseburger know that despite defeat that they'd like to see him return to PROGRESS in the not too distant future.

Alexxis Falcon put Laura Di Matteo down for the win after yet another hard fought battle, but the match itself wasn't the big talking point, but after as 'The Iron Queen' was celebrating her win, Falcon's current nemesis Nina Samuels, popped up on the big screen to reveal that Alexxis Falcon may not be all that she seems and that she is lying to herself and the fans. Samuels vowed to expose her 'animated princess' loving persona as the real her and all this 'Iron Queen' exterior is all a sham. This is one story that's set to run into 2023 and it won't be the last time we see Alexxis and Nina face off.

They Think It's All Over... It Is Now. But with Unboxing V: Deal Or Deal on December 30th at the Electric Ballroom, who knows what happen and who will turn up?!

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