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PM Studios Trekking to PAX East with an Eye-Popping Seven Indie Titles

These fan-favorite and highly-anticipated titles will be playable at the PM Studios booth.

LOS ANGELES - April 19, 2022 | PM Studios is headed to PAX East 2022 to showcase some of its award-winning and keenly anticipated indie titles. The PM Studios booth will be located at Booth #19709 (get the map on Guidebook!) and will be jam-packed with seven playable demos from some of the most exciting indie games currently released and those coming in the near future.

Here’s the lineup of thrilling titles for visitors to try out:

  • My Time at Sandrock allows players to take on the role of a fledgling Builder whose trusty tools help gather resources, construct machines, and turn a run-down workshop into a well-oiled production facility. Help save Sandrock from the jaws of economic ruin!

  • No longer human is a high-energy cybergoth action “fvck-em-up” with expressive, free-form combat that incentivizes aggressive, stylish play.

  • Exophobia sends players on a journey through a crashed human spaceship infested with unforgiving hordes of aliens in a colorful retro-inspired FPS. Zarc Attack has created a gorgeous and crisp colorful pixel art game with atmospheric electronic music. Look for it in 2022.

  • Guts and Goals lets players (literally) beat on their friends in a soccer game that features no-holds-barred gameplay action. It’s a hilarious new way to play soccer from CodeManu.

  • The Courier is a reflective journey on a mysterious island with secrets aplenty. The more letters a player delivers, the more of the island’s secrets are uncovered. Crescent Moon Games has created a unique gameplay experience that is set for delivery in Fall 2022.

  • Squish is a spoopy, squishy, and fast-paced party game like no other. Up to 4 players rave it up in an underground crypt as it begins collapsing. The goal is to push blocks, dodge, and jump to survive the rave….and squish opponents. The last Skelegoo standing takes the cake. Grave Rave Games will be releasing this unique title on May 31, 2022.

  • Hoa is a Steam favorite title from Skrollcat Studio. With over 1,500 Very Positive reviews, this beautiful puzzle-platforming game features breathtaking hand-painted art, lovely music, and a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

And there you have it: Seven compelling reasons to stop by the PM Studios booth at PAX East. Plenty of staff will be on hand to answer questions about any or all of the titles on hand.

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