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Original chess-based puzzle game collection Chessarama is coming to PC and Xbox December 5th

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 14th, 2023 - Developer Minimol Games in partnership with SMG Studio are pleased to announce that Chessarama, their unique anthology of original chess-inspired puzzle games, will launch on PC and Xbox platforms December 5th. Prepare to reimagine chess as you never have before, with eight single-player variations of the classic board game that will force veteran chess aficionados to rewire their brains while also training new players to think like a chess master.

Chessarama is a smorgasbord of chess-inspired single-player games that use chess pieces and their established move sets, then reimagines their goals and themes. Choose a game, quickly learn its rules and play through the campaign, unlock collectibles, and compete against each other on the leaderboards. Endless replayability awaits you. Welcome to Chessarama!

Each game has its own theme, set of rules and original handcrafted levels for you to play! In Dragon Slayer, players must move a pawn to the end of the board where it can slay a mighty dragon, though the dragon attacks the board after every turn, obliterating any unprotected piece. In the feudal Japan-set Lady Ronin, the chess Queen must eliminate every piece on the board in order to get close to the Shogun and assassinate them. And in Soccer Chess you must position your pieces in pursuit of kicking the ball into the goal. Try all these and several more original chess-inspired puzzle games in Chessarama!

“Chessarama is a chess player’s dream come true, offering creative challenges that will put your chess skills to the test,” said Raphael Dias, CEO and Game Director at Minimol Games. “That said, Chessarama doesn’t require any knowledge of chess whatsoever, as each variant gently onboards players by offering gentle challenges before gradually increasing the difficulty. Casual players will have fun simply puzzling their way to the end, while more dedicated fanatics can really put their skills to the test by trying to compete on the leaderboards for solving a stage in the fewest number of moves.” 

"Chess may be a timeless game, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be remixed and expanded upon in fresh and interesting ways,” said Ashley Ringrose, Studio Head at SMG Studio. “Chessarama cleverly makes you rewire your brain, taking everything you know about how chess pieces move, then applying it to an all new ruleset with a wide variety of challenges. Your prior knowledge of chess may help you, but it won’t save you. Chessarama ensures that you’ll have to relearn everything you thought you knew about chess!”

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