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One Punch Man: World, a brand new 3D action game of the anime is now in development for PC & Mobile

One Punch Man: World is a cross-platform 3D action game that recreates the world of the globally popular anime series One-Punch Man and offers a hardcore action experience for PC and mobile!

On July 17, A PLUS JAPAN announced the launch of the game’s website. Players are able to pre-register for the PC version. A closed beta test is planned within 2023, and the project is in the works for release this year.

In One Punch Man: World:

  • You will be able to experience a hero’s everyday life, deal with monsters, and bring them to justice;

  • You can also set up a team of the heroes from the anime, such as Genos and Mumen Rider, level them up, and work your way to the top;

  • In the hardcore action battles, you will perform brilliant combos and wipe out monsters with powerful special moves;

  • Facing enemies that you cannot defeat alone, fight alongside your friends to protect the city together;

  • Aiming to become an experienced hero, players will be exploring different spots where everything is alive;

  • Relive the epic story of Saitama, the man who has already become the most powerful man in the world, in an unexpected way.

To get abundant pre-registration rewards and further updates, keep an eye on the official website and official social media of One Punch Man: World, which were unveiled today!

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con!

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