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New Info on RPG Developer Bakin, RPG Creation Tool"Layout Tool" and "Subgraphics" Features

August 25, 2022 - Sapporo, Japan - Today, SmileBoom is pleased to announce the first public release of information on "Layout Tool" and "Subgraphics" features of RPG Developer Bakin, a tool that will be available in Early Access on Steam in 2022, allowing RPG creation without the need for programming knowledge.

"RPG Developer Bakin" is a game creation tool that combines ease of use and high features, making it easy for anyone to create games inspired by "your world". It includes a map editor that allows you to create maps as if you were playing a game, an event creation system that controls the game by simply arranging panels with functions, a database that provides detailed character status settings, advanced screen effect settings that can dramatically change sceneries, and many other tools. Graphics and sound assets are also provided, so you can start creating "your game" right away.

Layout Tool feature to change the assets and placement of the screens that appear in the game

"RPG Developer Bakin" has a tool that allows you to change the picture parts and layout of the screens that appear throughout the game, including the title screen and game over screen, as well as the main menu and screens during battles. By using the layout tool, for example, a battle result screen can be changed to a variety of different looks.

You can also create multiple layouts that can be used for the same scene and switch between them depending on events. For instance, some message window layouts can be registered, so that a special window appears only when talking to a particular character.

The layout tool is closely intertwined with the game system and is still a complex specification at this time. We also believe that there is much room for further development in terms of functionality. We will continue to seek your feedback to improve the tool.

Subgraphics feature to create new stamps by combining parts

The subgraphics function of "RPG Developer Bakin" lets you freely combine models, models and particles, and place them on maps as a single object. For example, you can create several patterns of castles by combining parts of the castle walls, spires, flags..., or you can make a small house or a large mansion by combining house foundations, roofs, windows, doors, balconies, etc. For instance, combining a pot with a smoke particle can also be done, to make it a simmering pot.

The latest information about "RPG Developer Bakin" is available on the Steam community. We'll be answering your questions, so be sure to check it out!

RPG Developer Bakin News

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