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Lost In Cult x Fangamer unleash The Horror: MANSION - the anthology horror video game book

Lost In Cult, in collaboration with Fangamer, is incredibly proud to announce The Horror: MANSION! A collaboration between the most premium brand in video game culture preservation and the greatest gaming merchandise team in the world, this new anthology series examines the horror hits, cult classics, indie nightmares, and obscure curiosities from the dark pits of gaming. For our debut frightening volume, we’ll walk you through creepy castles and residential evils across 200+ pages in this beautifully haunting hardcover book. From Resident Evil and House of the Dead, to Rule of Rose and Iron Lung, the mansion beckons you with its enchanting wails. Do not enter - you may not return.

Available to preorder now until December 6th at Fangamer - shipping in Q3 2024.

MANSION Features over 200 pages of frights from some of the best artists and writers in gaming. Including Siren Head creator Trevor Henderson, Citizen Sleeper creator Gareth Damien Martin, Undertale creator Toby Fox, Plastiboo, ThorHighHeels, Jenn Frank, Pippin Barr, David Wolinsky, Gita Jackson, Connor Willumsen, Bloodberry Tart, Mike Drucker, Ashley Esqueda, Cameron Kunzelman and more. HORROR Starts from the foundations up. The blueprints that have given us horror games. The inspirations behind our modern nightmares. This volume contains interviews, essays and histories of classics like Resident Evil, Mystery House, Alone in the Dark, The 7th Guest, Clock Tower, Anatomy, Rule of Rose, House of the Dead, Haunted House, Sweet Home, Amnesia, Koudelka, D, Haunting Ground, Scratches and much, much more. TERROR Additionally, MANSION will feature art and galleries from, and inspired by, all the games that go bump in the night. On top of the classics and the unsung, MANSION will also feature a series of profiles on recent independent horror games and the creators behind them such as Fear and Hunger, World of Horror, FAITH, Iron Lung, Alisa and more.

INCREASE THE FEAR The more our little terror is supported, the bigger it grows. Here are some stretch goals that plunge the depths of your nightmares…

BUMP IN THE NIGHT - 1,500 units

Like magic, our pages will be cast into darkness. MANSION will feature black paper edges as well as debossed elements on the cover, giving it a thematically terrifying aesthetic. NIGHTMARES UNLEASHED - 2,000 units:

Some nightmares can’t be contained to a page. This tier will allow us to commission additional interior gatefold art, unleashing MANSION’S true terrifying potential.

READERS BEWARE - 2,500 units:

We’ll crank up the fear factor with 38 terrifying bonus pages, getting more writers and artists on board to provide more chills, more thrills, and more bone-chilling tales. ALONE IN THE DARK - 3,000 units:

Turn off the lights, if you dare. At this tier, we’ll add glow-in-the-dark ink to the cover’s key features. Is it a light at the end of a tunnel… or a spectre at the end of a corridor?

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