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Latest CrossfireX Update Brings New Map, New Features and Quality of Life Improvements

Toronto (June 23, 2022) – Today Smilegate Entertainment launched the latest content update for CrossfireX, the multiplayer first-person-shooter set in the CROSSFIRE universe. Players will be able to experience a new map, new features, additional gameplay improvements, bug fixes and more.

A new Search & Destroy map has been added to the game’s Classic and Modern modes: Market Place. This map features three distinct attack routes, each allowing for a different combat style. Fans of close, medium and long-range combat can utilize various pathways to traverse the map in order to surprise opponents and claim victory – or a crushing defeat.

The new Weapon Mastery system allows for players to earn and equip unique Name Tags that show off individual weapon achievements. As players complete matches, they will earn Weapon Mastery experience based on the weapons used and their performance in the match. Name Tags can be equipped to player profiles.

Players looking to test their loadout before stepping into battle can check out the newly added Shooting Range. Mercenaries can now bring in their selected weapons for target practice, with the ability to switch between Modern and Classic aiming styles. Various targets are available in order to test weapon accuracy, recoil and spray pattern.

To celebrate this new update, a new Playtime Event is now available. Players who complete two matches on five different days will permanently unlock the KALASH-103 Shadow Gold weapon skin. This event will run until our next content update.

Additional gameplay changes have also been implemented that address feedback from the community including a revamped Tactical Growth System. Now referred to as the Specialty System, players are able to assign unique perks for each bag via the LOADOUT screen. This improvement will offer players more flexibility during a match, allowing them to freely switch between loadouts with different perks between rounds.

Screenshots and video of the new map, Market Place, can be found here. The full list of additions and quality of life improvements can be found in the latest patch notes here.

The CrossfireX Team continues to work towards improving the overall player experience and delivering more content. For updates on the latest improvements and content updates, visit the official CrossfireX News page here and follow @PlayCrossfireX on Twitter. CrossfireX is available for free on Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S.

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