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Kill It With Fire 2 adds Red Vs. Blue, RWBY Writer to the Team, coming 2024

SEATTLE — August 16, 2023 — Kill It With Fire 2, the sci-fi inspired sequel to the first-person spider-hunter from developer Casey Donnellan Games and publisher tinyBuild has added writer Miles Luna (RWBY, Red vs. Blue, Camp Camp, Slave Zero X) to the writing team.

The original Kill It With Fire was heavy on the spiders and a little lighter on the lore, but with three times more story content than the original game and top-secret audio logs throughout the multiverse, Kill It With Fire 2 is keeping Miles busy delivering a multiverse-spanning story of galactic proportions.

For starters, the writing is being turned into immersive audio logs by voiceover artists including the highly talented Andy Cortez (Kinda Funny, The Monster Under My Bed). When the Steam Early Access debuts in early 2024, players can expect a vast array of brand-new levels, features, and weapons from the get-go.

“Working with Miles on fleshing out the world of Kill It With Fire 2 has been a pleasure. He's taken some of the game's crazy settings and concepts, woven them together with an interesting backstory, and populated them with fascinating and hilarious characters. I also can't wait for players to hear from Miles, Andy, and a cast of other great voice actors in the game's audio logs,” said Casey Donnellan, solo developer of the Kill It With Fire franchise and genuine arachnophobe.

In Kill It With Fire 2, spiders have broken the space-time continuum and spread across the galaxy, and only Earth’s mightiest exterminators can wipe them out. Suit up, brush up on those spider-slayin’ skills, and launch an expedition across time and space. Dawn the mantle of exterminator and journey through countless dimensions to quash the multi-legged mayhem. Set foot in dark, infested space stations or hop through a portal into the deserts of the wild west.

“Casey and I had fun weaving an intricate web of Easter eggs and storylines for players to discover should they seek them out. At the end of the day, though, the most hilarious and memorable moments are going to come from the players whom Casey has happily armed to the teeth and turned loose as a bull in an interdimensional china shop.,” Said Miles Luna, feverous with excitement.

Kill It With Fire 2 launches on PC via Steam Early Access in early 2024. A full release on PC, PlayStation 4|5, and Xbox Series X|S is expected for late 2024.

To stay updated with the latest updates, visit Kill It With Fire’s official website and follow @tinyBuild and @KIWF_Game on Twitter.

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