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Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life Chapter 2: The Wall takes on Steam and the corporate machine

Rally against capitalism, existential dread, and eldritch horror in this zany metroidvania/JRPG.

APRIL 14th - Developer Stegtech LLC. is incredibly excited to announce the second chapter in their wild ongoing series, Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life, which is planned for launch for May 10th on PC via Steam.

The off-the-wall series takes inspiration from classic Metroidvania titles such as Hollow Knight and Metroid Dread and blends them with turn-based JRPG combat, before finally mixing in a wacky, hilarious story set in a quirky world where anything can happen!

In no great surprise to anyone familiar with the passage of time, Chapter 2 picks up after the events of Chapter 1, in which Jeebo quit his job in explosive fashion, accidentally became a foster parent of a bird, and consequently fought for custody of it via a dinosaur-wrestling legal battle.

Players left Jeebo, his cousin Jerbo, and of course the bird, at an imposing and impassable wall. Chapter 2 resolves this great dilemma, and introduces plenty of new ones, after the motley crew meet the mysterious wizard Wandalf. The group then venture into the native city of Mr. Somethings, a race who must remain in constant motion in order to survive. There, the party uncovers the diabolical plot, let by Jeebo's former employer CeratoCorp™, which threatens the very existence of the Mr. Somethings. With not much time to spare, the party must work together to put a stop to CeratoCorp™’s ongoing construction of... The Wall.

Players will maneuver over, under and through dangerous hazards using each party member's innate special abilities. For example, Jeebo can jump higher and farther, Jerbo can bounce on hazardous obstacles, and each new character added to the party will bring an ability that lets players explore even more of the world. Players will also enjoy retro-inspired turn-based battles against a wide variety of enemies, from eldritch monsters deep in the forest to disgruntled office workers (it’s hard to say which is the greater existential threat).

The full adventures of Jeebo and Jerbo are planned to unfold over the course of seven chapters, with Episode 2 launching today. The full epic saga will lead players through office buildings, above the clouds, and into the intricacies of the dinosaur legal system, to name just a few. Each chapter allows players to explore more of this painstakingly crafted world, encountering new and bizarre enemies, lore-building collectables, and well-placed social commentary on subjects like the corporate machine, and the finer points of parenting.

Each new story set in the world of Jeebo &Jerbo vs. Life comes packed with content, and the latest chapter "The Wall" is no exception. Curious players will be rewarded with plenty of hidden areas with collectables that reveal more about the wacky world of… whatever Jeebo and Jerbo are supposed to be.

Solo developer and founder of Stegtech, Zachary Garrison said: "Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life is inspired by the adventures my friends and I had growing up. I decided to build a coherent but crazy world for all the characters we would create to live in. The result may be a little bizarre, but there's really nothing else like it. I'm incredibly excited to release chapter 2, with the introduction of one of my favorite races, the 'Mr. Somethings' and my all time favorite character in JJVL, Wandalf (who first came about in a D&D campaign)."

Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life launches May 10th on Steam, priced $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.49

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