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Horse Tales - Emerald Valley Ranch - Review - Nintendo Switch

I have an admission to make. As a father of a six year old girl I have been required to sit and play a selection of horse games - many more then I care to admit as well! Usually these games are for better a word garbage and take me every ounce of my being to sit there and smile along with my daughter whilst she plays a bug filled, phoned in, bare basic game. Shockingly however Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch from developer Aesir Interactive and publisher Microids is a welcome change to the usual torture! Check out what we thought in our review below!

Overall Horse Tales - Emerald Valley Ranch is a very solid horse game. It looks great with its very striking art style and large world to explore. There is alot to see and do throughout the story whilst rebuilding your Aunts ranch. The most important thing is my daughter loved her time playing the game, and while I did have to assist her quite alot - this was mainly due to her younger age, children who are slightly older will get by just fine! One of the better horse games we have played as a family this year! TOTAL SCORE: 7.5/10 (or 9/10 if you are my daughter!)

Horse Tales - Emerald Valley Ranch was released on the 3rd November 2022 onto the Nintendo eShop. Priced at £34.99 the game can be purchased HERE. The game is also available on PC and Playstation consoles.

A copy of the game was provided for this review. A big thanks for that!

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