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Gameguru Max Levels up as V1 Introduces New Features, and Tools To Create With!

Macclesfield, United Kingdom, April 26th, 2023 - After months of feedback from their wonderful community TheGameCreators are proud to announce the launch of Version 1.0, of GameGuru MAX! With an expanded set of features and capabilities, including support for shooter, RPG, and puzzle genres, new gameplay features, and VR game creation powered by OpenXR. GameGuru MAX requires no coding knowledge and, with its intuitive tools and features, makes the creation of video games simple, quick, and easy!

Version 1.0. of GameGuru MAX delivers on its early access promise of supporting FPS, RPG, and Puzzle genres game development and VR game creation!

With V1 releasing today TheGameCreators have included additional player features such as swimming and stealth gameplay for each genre and have increased the number of demo games bringing the total number of games in the hub to 18.

Thanks to feedback from the community, additional features such as screen space ambient occlusion, parallax occlusion mapping, texture animation, and more are now included. There is also a new HUD Screen Editor for the Storyboard, built-in tools for creating particles and buildings, terrain height map importing, and an asset marketplace to easily find more game-ready content.

Finally, to ensure that everyone has full access to the power of GameGuru MAX, the source code is now available on GitHub encouraging further input from the community and ensuring designers can achieve maximum utility from their favorite game engine.

Anything you make with GameGuru MAX can be exported as a standalone game, and free to sell at your leisure with no strings, royalties, conditions, or splash screen logos attached. The GameGuru MAX team is looking forward to playing the games you make, and we thank everyone who has helped us during our Early Access development.

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