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Evercade Announces Gremlin Collection 1 Cartridge

Evercade “Gremlin Collection 1” Announced by Blaze Entertainment featuring six classic titles! Blaze Entertainment is delighted to announce another new collection for the Evercade family of systems, and another new publisher for 2022 with the upcoming Gremlin Collection 1 cartridge!

This new collection features six excellent 8, 16, and 32-bit games from the iconic British developer and publisher, across the near two decades of operation on home consoles. All officially licensed from Urbanscan Ltd.

The six games we've chosen for this collection are a great snapshot of the games that Gremlin Graphics and Gremlin Interactive developed and released games for the home console markets, including some great platform, sports, and strategy games that the company became world-renowned for.

The games are:

• Zool • Actua Soccer • Premier Manager 97 • Hardcore 4X4 • Utopia: The Creation of a Nation • Brain Bender

This collection will release like all Evercade collections, as a physical cartridge with the games included, and a full colour manual inside a bespoke collectable clamshell case. This release marks the 24th of our home console line of collections and the 28th cartridge overall since Evercade's initial release in 2020.

The cartridge will be available to pre-order from December 15th 2021 and is due for release on March 31st 2022 alongside Cartridge 23 - Renovation Collection 1.

This new collection will also be playable on all Evercade systems (Handheld and VS) and starts our lineup of cartridges and collections for 2022 in terrific style.

Evercade is a cartridge-based, retro gaming family that provides gamers with fully licensed curated collections of games from the past, and new collections of retro-inspired independent titles. The Handheld allows gamers to play their games on the go while the VS (Releasing December 2021, January 2022 in US) will allow for cartridges to be played on your TV with up to four players.

Interesting Notes

Gremlin Graphics (and later Gremlin Interactive) operated from 1984 - 2000. Originally starting out as a computer hardware store before morphing into a software house, Gremlin very quickly became a household name famous for its racing, sporting, and licensed titles.

They were always at the cutting edge of innovation, having ported multiple games from home computer to home console and PC, and were one of the first developers to embrace 3D sports with the birth of the Actua series of games.

Actua Soccer sold over 1 million units from its release in 1995 and was the first fully 3D soccer game to release on home consoles. Gremlin used footballers from the studio's most local club, Sheffield Wednesday, as motion capture subjects for the game. The version included here also retains the commentary from the iconic Barry Davies.

Whilst it's been some 20 years since Gremlin was sold and became part of a larger conglomerate, the new company still exists today as one of the UK's biggest development houses, Sumo Digital.

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