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Ensemble Stars!! Music × Sanrio characters Collaboration Event starts October 2nd

September 28th, 2022 - Happy Elements is pleased to reveal that its mobile idol management gacha rhythm game Ensemble Stars!! Music is getting a crossover event with legendary Hello Kitty creator Sanrio starting October 2nd.

Ensemble Stars!! Music, the sequel to Ensemble Stars!, lets players collect 49 various pop idols and perform their songs in a rhythm-action game with four difficulty levels. Players act as Producers to develop their own young idols who're setting out on their journey into the world to explore the entertainment industry. In the 3D Live mode, players can experience the rhythm game against the background of the 3D character's Live scene and enjoy the exquisite 3D MV performance brought by the individual idols. Excitement, hesitation, joy, and tears await on their way toward a bright future.

The Sanrio crossover event will add such cuties as Hello Kitty, KUROMI, My Melody, and Cinnamonroll, into Ensemble Stars!! Music. These unique branded characters will appear on tickets to spin the gacha machine, office decorations, limited scenes, and together with other upcoming events like limited-time original Scout and bonus, as well as invoking adorable reactions from your pop stars.

“We’re very pleased with the popularity of Ensemble Stars!! Music across the world and we think this Sanrio collaboration will appeal to fans all over with their epic roster of beloved brands,” said the developer. “Hello Kitty, KUROMI, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll are recognized everywhere, and we think the inclusion of these brands really adds to the immersion of these idols’ lifestyles, making Ensemble Stars!! Music an ultimate pop star fantasy!” Ensemble Stars!! Music has been a colossal success globally, with over 10 million downloads in Japan before getting an English version on iOS and Android devices in June 2022, where it became the most downloaded free game in the US on the day released. Ensemble Stars!! Music went on to become the highest-grossing music game globally, accumulating revenue of over $300m in 2021 according to Sensor Tower.

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