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DXRacer Reveals New Highly Customizable Gaming Chair “Craft Series”

Available To Pre-Order Today with Custom Imagery, Premium Embroidery, More Choices

WHITMORE, Mich. -- March 1, 2022 -- DXRacer, the original high-quality gaming chair manufacturer, reveals the DXRacer Craft Series gaming chair today, showcasing a plethora of personalization options. Pre-orders start now at $469 USD for the United States.

DXRacer pushes the gaming chair industry forward once again with the Craft Series providing nearly endless design and color options. Unleash anyone’s inner artist by going beyond simple screen printing technology using any image on the front, sides, or back complemented by high-quality, detailed embroidery. Custom Craft Series orders require a minimum order of six chairs per design.

For those seeking inspiration, seven pre-made original designs are available including the pink Hello Human Cat, blue America Edition, grey Spaceman, black and gold Koi Fish, white Thinker, yellow Dino Rabbit, and standard black Originals.

On top of innovative personalization options, the Craft Series pushes comfort and adjustability to the next level with this latest addition to the DXRacer roster. Taking cues from the luxurious Master Series, the Craft Series features soft polyurethane leather, integrated lumbar support, a magnet recliner cover, as well as a free cool gel memory foam pillow, all sitting atop a sturdy aluminum base.

“Extraordinary things can happen when your options are limited only by your imagination,” says DXRacer. “The creativity of our community has always shown brightly and now we can finally give them the tools to personalize with ease thanks to the Craft Series. Seeing so many awesome work-from-home and gaming setups people have shared over the years, we believe the custom Craft Series is the perfect match for any setup.”

The DXRacer Craft Series is now available for pre-order on the official DXRacer Craft Series website starting at $450 USD in the United States, with shipments to begin sometime in mid-March. For more information on the full DXRacer gaming chair lineup, please visit the main DXRacer official website and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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