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Demo For 3D Platforming Speedrunner Astral Tracks Coming To Steam Next Fest On October 9th

Heidelberg, Germany - October 5th, 2023 - LAB132 are pleased to announce that players will have their first chance to go hands-on with their in-development PC and console title Astral Tracks from October 9th with a new demo that will be available as part of the Steam Next Fest. Astral Tracks is a 3D platforming speedrunner that puts a host of dynamic movement possibilities at your disposal, challenging you to master their use in combination to shave seconds off your times as you speed through procedurally generated levels.

For those who want to embrace their competitive streak, Astral Tracks offers online and local splitscreen multiplayer, as well leaderboards that allow you to go up against the world to compete for the best times in thrilling fights to shave seconds off your times.. Alternatively, you can lean into Astral Track’s meditative side and allow yourself to slide into a meditative flow-state as you move through the game’s interdimensional sci-fi environments.

While playing Astral Tracks, you’ll earn duck-based currency (100% NO microtransactions!) that you can spend unlocking eccentric costumes for your avatar. Dress your robot, astronaut, or other characters with diving fins, plungers, balloon animals or silly hats, have them carry baked goods or a tutu, adding an outlandish splash of fun and customisation to the game’s interdimensional sci-fi aesthetics.

The demo of Astral Tracks will offer online multiplayer with Steam friends, a selection of tracks with selected difficulty levels for you and your buddies to try, a selection of customisation options, and highscores and leaderboards for all the available tracks. Splitscreen multiplayer, ghost settings, filters for tracks, time-limited challenges that offer fun tasks to complete and bring players together to ratchet up the level of competition, as well as loads and loads of procedurally generated tracks to run will all be available in the final release but aren’t in this demo build.

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