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Critically Acclaimed Pascal’s Wager to Grow with Dance of the Throne DLC

SAN FRANCISCO - August 12, 2022 | Tipsworks Studios and Giant Games are thrilled to announce a brand new expansion DLC coming to their critically acclaimed title Pascal’s Wager on August 19, 2022. Dance of the Throne will offer players a brand new playable character named Elena as well as all-new ways to experience the game thanks to redesigned stages that provide fresh challenges, mysteries to uncover, and thrilling ways to engage enemies. Dance of the Throne is coming to mobile devices in August 2022 for $1.99. Elena’s Enigma outfit for expansion DLC will also be available for $0.99. PC and console game owners will receive Dance of the Throne and Elena’s outfit as a free update very soon.

In Dance of the Throne, players will use Elena to challenge fully reimagined stages and enemy configurations in Pascal’s Wager. The goal is to defeat all enemies as quickly as possible to obtain the highest possible score. Those meeting and exceeding the challenges will find themselves on the all-new leaderboards as they continue the fight to retain their place ahead of other players from around the world.

Elena utilizes the Blade of Revenge which can be switched between single- and dual-blade forms. This fresh take on combat provides players with two distinct styles of combat in a more accessible way than in the high-intensity combat of the main game.

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