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Corbid! A Colorful Adventure. Impossible not to want something so cute.

Madrid. October 21th 2022.

When was the last time you saw a new video game and exclaimed: "How cute is that? That's what's going to happen to you with Corbid! A Colorful Adventure, the game developed by Cucurry studio and distributed by Gammera Nest, which is about to be released on PS4, PS5 and PC. So much so that you can already add it to your PlayStation Store and Steam whislist. Do it if you want an explosion of cute color to invade your screen, while you spend hours of fun helping Corbid to go through labyrinthine gardens, swallow and throw paint, solve puzzles and face evil bosses.

Corbid! A Colorful Adventure is an adventure of wit and skill where imagination is everything. In Corbid's company you will meet an endless number of adorable creatures in worlds full of chromatic richness. This makes this one of those video games to enjoy as a family, fun for both adults and children.

As for the gameplay, it should be noted that the puzzles require a real dose of ingenuity, and that many of the enemies have to be defeated through intelligence and dexterity. Corbid is an endearing little bug capable of eating and spitting color, an ability that will help him advance in the mazes. But it will not be the only power that the player will have to control if he wants to reach the end of the adventure and defeat all the bosses.

And if we talk about art, it is when our eyes twinkle with so much color on the stage and so many cute little lice roaming freely through flowery gardens. The music accompanies the action perfectly, with simple melodies that enter your mind at the first listen. You can't leave Corbid! A Colorful Adventure out of your wishlist, because the world is already full of ugly things to let the beautiful ones escape.

Featured Content:

  • Fun puzzles that challenge your wits. Evil bosses to defeat with intelligence and skill.

  • Characters that you eat them.

  • Original mechanics and luminous scenarios.

  • Color, color, color and more color!

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