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Chameneon - Review - Xbox

Developed by Burning Goat Studios and published by QUByte Interaction - Chameneon is a brutally challenging, but enjoyable 2D platformer/runner game. QUByte have been on a roll porting a ton of great indie games over to consoles recently and this one is another to add to your list to play! In the game, a virus has infected the Cyber Space and now is up to you initiate the protocol CHAMENEON. Surf on the neon lines in the Cyber Space and defeat the virus before is too late.

Chameneon is a cross between runner and platformer where you grind along lines automatically to get to the end of levels, whilst avoiding hazards. Your able to jump over obstacles and also change your speed (which affects the type of jump you will perform). As you grind along you have the ability to switch to a different neon line on the fly which enables you to jump and land whilst making spikes invisible. You will also twist the gravity with you in the direction you are grinding. This is definitely one of those games that you really need to see in action as words can't really show you how it truly is!

The game has a simple style to it but it's visuals really pop while your playing. Accompany that with a cool synth-wave style soundtrack, great controls and it's very low price point and you're in for a good time!

The game features 80 levels across 4 different environments, and while the levels aren't long in length, you will find yourself replaying them over and over when you fail in a bid to finally complete them. The game starts up pretty easy with the first handful of levels guiding you through the mechanics and getting you used to how the game plays, but beware - once you're out of the hand holding levels your in for a rough ride! Expect a lot of frustration, a lot of deaths, a lot of restarts and a lot of time wishing you had more patience! But when you do beat the levels you get a great sense of accomplishment.

In terms of replayability there are there are a variety of things you can work towards. Each level includes a hard to find neon disc that you need to collect, as well as collecting enough energy to fully charge a battery and for all you ultra hard lovers you also have to beat the levels under a certain time frame to beat the time trials too!

Whilst the game is very polished there are a few issues that are worth noting. Obviously the difficulty spike will cause alot of issues for some, but I highly recommend working to get through it and keep playing, as the game really becomes its own beast after the early intro/tutorial levels. The camera can also be a little tricky at times and doesn't afford you enough time to react, it doesn't cause issue all the time but every now and then it caused me abit of frustration.

Chameneon is a challenging platforming game, filled with a large amount of levels and content for a very reasonable low price - there are literally hours and hours of content to be had here. The difficulty curve may be a turn off for some, but lovers of more difficult completions will be grateful for the test of skill they are going to face.


Chameneon was released onto the Xbox store on the 18th August 2022. It's playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and is priced at £3.29. You can purchase the game HERE. The game is also available on other consoles and PC.

A copy of the game was provided for this review. A big thanks for that.

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