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Catmaze - Mini Review - Xbox

Catmaze is a 2D fairy metroidvania developed by one person (Slava Gris - Redblack Spade) and published by Ratalaika Games. The game is inspired by Slavic Myths and features Alesta, a sorceress whose courage guides her through the world of the dead.

Story: Cats have always been the link between the world of Yav and the world of Nav, and for this knowledge they were awarded nine lives. What will it cost for one of them - Cat Bayn - to make an exception and change the balance just once on behalf of the young sorceress Alesta’s mother? Mysterious creatures from Slavic myths carefully keep their secrets in the magical forests and dense thickets that have become home to boggart, kikimora, anchutkas and mermaids. In the whirlwind of the adventure, their secrets will be revealed, hidden paths will become visible and the road between worlds will be intertwined.


  • Slavic folklore springs come to life in an open labyrinth of gloomy marshes, villages and centuries-old forests

  • Summon creatures – familiars who have served the sorcerers from time immemorial to help battle the beasts Alesta faces on her journey

  • Characters whose destinies are in your hands - the completion of many side quests determines how the adventure ends

  • Revisit old areas and search out secret paths and acquire new skills

  • Battle bosses, who have come from Slavic tales and tell us their unique history

  • Customize the characteristics of Alesta to your individual style of playing

Overall Catmaze is a fun metroidvania that fans of the genre will enjoy. It has great pixel art graphics, a great story and a large open world to explore. I really enjoyed the mix of action and puzzles which were challenging enough to keep me on my toes but not completely stuck. The soundtrack by Expecte Amour is also fitting to the theme/setting of the game. The biggest strength of the game above everything else is its open world. You have near total freedom to roam around looking for a variety of treasures across some gorgeous looking environments. You will get a good 8+ hours of gameplay out of the game too so its well worth your time. Get this game in your collection!


Catmaze was released onto the Xbox store on the 9th September 2022. It's playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and is priced at £9.99 (There is a launch discount of £2.00 for the first two weeks after launch). You can purchase the game HERE. The game is also available on other consoles.

A copy of the game was provided by the publisher. A big thanks for that.

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