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Bunhouse – be a plant-loving bunny in this cozy gardening sim, hopping to consoles early next year

28 SEPTEMBER, 2022 – Indie publisher Digerati is delighted to announce it's teaming up with developer Reky Studios to bring its relaxing, rabbit-based gardening sim, Bunhouse, to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. Green-fingered players will be able to start potting-up on consoles early next year (exact date TBC).

Released late last year on Steam, where it currently has a 93% positive user rating, Bunhouse offers stress-free gardening fun for a chilled and rewarding experience. The work of solo dev Patrick Gauthier (aka Reky Studios), he is delighted to see Bunhouse continue to blossom and flourish:

"I originally made Bunhouse as a small project for my wife who likes bunnies and plants; I never dreamed it would reach so many people," Gauthier says. "And now that it's coming to all the major platforms I'm just so incredibly grateful. People seem to crave peace in today's crazyness and I feel honored to provide them with a small world where they can experience that."

About the gameBunhouse is a cute, simple, bunny-filled game focused on growing plants and managing a greenhouse with fellow buns. Take care of your leafy plant buddies by balancing the amount of water and light they get. Play with friends and upgrade your greenhouse for wholesome, relaxing fun.

Sometimes life is hectic. Sometimes we just need to take a breather and relax in a happy little world filled with bunnies. This is the core vision of Bunhouse – a game you can play solo or with up to four friends to relax and be happy. There is nothing to kill, no one to be better than, no quests or debt to pay off, just some plants that need watering and a greenhouse full of possibility.

Key Features

  • Grow and sell plants

  • Take care of your plants

  • Order new decorations for your garden and greenhouse

  • Upgrade your greenhouse

  • Couch co-op with up to four friends

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