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Among Us Coming To Tinkertown In Upcoming Innersloth Collaboration

Thunderful and Headup are pleased to announce that thanks to a collaboration with their friends at Innersloth, the Among Us universe will be heading to Tinkertown soon. While details are not ready to be shared just yet, Among Us fans can expect to see some familiar sights in Tinkertown in the near future!

As to what a potential Impostor landing in the world of colourful pixel-art world of Tinkertown might mean for the heroes exploring this magical land, only time will tell!

For those of you not yet familiar with Tinkertown, the game is a multiplayer sandbox experience where you and your friends can explore, loot and craft as you build your own village, ranging from small makeshift shacks, to epic castles and thriving townships. Currently in early access, the game has received a raft of updates over recent months, adding more quests, NPCs, decorations, rail systems, improved combat and more as it heads towards release.

Those eager to learn more about how and when Among Us will be coming to Tinkertown can keep up to date in the Tinkertown Discord.

“It’s hugely exciting to have the iconic universe of Among Us collide with the sandbox multiplayer world of Tinkertown,” said Dieter Schoeller, Vice-President of Production at Thunderful. “To work with the talented team at Innersloth to be able to bring the globally recognised phenomenon that is Among Us to our players has been a real pleasure.”

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