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After 65k Players Played Frozen Flame Demo, Devs Bring Updated Fantasy Adventure to Survival Fest

Batumi, Georgia - August 1, 2022 — Hear ye! Dreamside Interactive and Ravenage Games are excited to bring their incredible fantasy adventure to Steam’s Survival Fest. Blending elements of action-RPGs with a distinct art style fitting of its fantasy world, Frozen Flame is poised to shake up the survival genre in a big way. In celebration of Survival Fest, the devs have added many new features to the demo.

The Frozen Flame team is gearing up for the next chapter in their development journey but is eager for gamers to give those who have yet to play the demo a chance to before it comes down. You can download the Frozen Flame demo from HERE until Monday, August 15th at 10 AM PST and, as a sample for all the eager adventurers out there, the demo that was previously available is updated with a plethora of new features:

  • Quest system rework

  • New Boss with own arena

  • Combat system improvements with a focus on smoothness and responsiveness

  • Huge craft rework with basic farming and alchemy added

  • Weather system now impacts gameplay

  • UI design reworked

  • Better optimization

  • - ...and much more, including new recipes and items, NPCs, empowered monsters

Since the game announcement on PC Games Show, over 65,000 players have ventured into the world of Arcana,” says Serge Korolev, Dreamside Interactive Founder. “Countless others spent more than 50,000 hours following the journeys of streamers including CohhCarnage and Quin69. We want to thank everyone for their feedback and the time spent in Frozen Flame during the demo period. The feedback is incredibly valued by our team as we strive to perfect the game and we hope you can see how far we’ve come!

The demo is but a mere taste of what’s to come. While it offers an experience complete with character progression, base building, crafting, and a vast world to explore, there is a lot the devs are working on that they're incredibly excited to add as they move towards a leveled-up version of Frozen Flame, which is why they need to take all your feedback from the demo, put their heads down, and ready themselves for the next step. Join the Frozen Flame Communities

You can keep up with all news on Frozen Flame by visiting the official website or following the game on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube.

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