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A Winding Path - Review - Nintendo Switch


A Winding Path from developer Three Eyed Games and publisher Flynn's Arcade is a short, charming game set in a whimsical fantasy world. You play as a stick man who is on a quest to bring back rain to the world and save the day!


- Explore the peaceful atmosphere of a lovingly crafted, hand-drawn 2D world.

- Mend a world stricken by distrust and restore unity among its inhabitants.

- Meet colorful characters and help them solve troubles big and small.

- Explore ancient caverns, enchanting forests and busy settlements.

- Discover the secrets of the land and the magic within. The game features a gorgeous hand-drawn 2D art style, set in black and white it's as if it's been drawn in pencil across a blank page in-front of you. The various locations and landscapes you visits are full of detail, with a variety of buildings to enter and things to interact with. The audio is also fantastic too, with great ambient sounds that make everything seem that much more detailed and alive. It's a very chilled game that makes you feel rather peaceful and relaxed.

The story sees the world you are in finding that rain is no longer falling so the rivers are drying out and crops are dying. You find an enchanted Lyre and set off to bring back the rain and help other stick-man villagers. I don't want to give much away on the plot as it's a short game and should be experienced firsthand. The game features a variety of puzzles to work through as well, they are never too difficult and some times it's as simple as ensuring you have the correct item for the specific person. A Winding Path was a lovely experience to play through, although the time to complete the game was only a couple of hours, you're drawn into the story as it progresses. With great dialogue and fantastic art and sound aesthetics it's hard not to be charmed by the journey. If you're looking for a short but sweet game to kill a few hours I highly recommend checking this one out!


A Winding Path was released onto the Nintendo eShop on the 27th October 2022 and is priced at £5.99. You can purchase the game HERE. The game is also available on PC.

A copy of the game was provided for this review. A big thanks for that.

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