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The next two games announced for The Jackbox Party Pack 10!

Chicago, IL. - June 11, 2023 - Today, Jackbox Games announced that the fourth of five titles in the upcoming The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is Hypnotorious - a virtual stage show with a mysterious, hypnotic host!

Hypnotorious sees players mesmerised and given a new character to embody, whilst they answer questions to deduce each other’s identities. The characters all fit into one of three, secret categories. The categories might be as simple as “Dogs, Cats or Mice,” or they might be something a bit more challenging like “Popular in the 80s, 90s or 2000s.”

Once players answer their questions, players will try to group up based on perceived similarities. The players that group up accurately, score a lot of points, so talking it out is key. But beware! There is one amongst you who does not fit in at all! They are The Outlier. And the kicker is, The Outlier doesn’t know they’re The Outlier. They’ll be trying to figure it out, just like everyone else.

Hypnotorious supports 4 to 8 players.

Also announced this weekend was TimeJinx, a trivia game… with time machines?!

Players take on the role of a time traveller who meets up with their ragtag group of friends for trivia night at the residence of their acerbic host, Jerri Rigg. But this is not your typical game night filled with tattered cards, stale pretzels, and a cloud of farts. No. Jerri cares only about creating an immersive trivia experience.

Throughout the course of the wild night players will be tasked to do the following:

● Hop into the time machine and travel to certain years

● Blend into random parties from different decades

● Navigate your way through a time loop

● Save a real historical figure from their evil imposter

● Fix the absurd butterfly effect you’ve caused

Timejinx is for 1-8 players who want to battle it out to see who’s the least bad at knowing our timeline.

TimeJinx and Hypnotorious are two of the five games coming this fall in The Jackbox Party Pack 10 joining the previously announced games, Tee K.O. 2 and FixyText. All games in The Jackbox Party Pack 10 will be available to play in English, French, Italian, German, Castilian, and Latin American Spanish.

For more information on the games coming to The Jackbox Party Pack 10, you can keep up with all things Jackbox Games via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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