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Monochrome is back in style in Discolored 2, coming 2023

August 3rd - Monochrome is unfortunately back in style as a shadowy evil organization has desaturated the world in Discolored 2, the next chapter of Godbey Games' well-received Discolored series. Carrying on from the events of the first game, the lack of hues has extended far beyond a little road-stop diner to now encompass the whole world, with you constantly being dogged by ruthless agents looking to prevent their return. Color is power, and you'll have to put that to the test in order to solve a panoply of mind-bending puzzles, all with an ever-growing gray tension mounting in the background. That said, Discolored 2 is a standalone experience, so new players will be able to jump right into it even if they haven't played through the first title in this chromatic chronicle.

Discolored 2 is coming in 2023 to Steam and the first Discolored is available now on Steam, Apple Arcade, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, & Nintendo Switch for $9.99.

About Discolored 2

All the colors have gone missing from the world. While on a mission to bring them back, you discover you are being hunted by those who would see the colors banished. Your only hope is a woman in red who may be holding the key to preventing the world from becoming discolored.

Key Features

● First-person exploration- Explore a surreal world where color is everything and discover its hidden secrets.

● Unravel the mystery - Piece together a dark and uncanny narrative to uncover the secrets of the colors and their meaning.

● Inventive, mind-bending puzzles - Use your keen observation and logical thinking to overcome challenging puzzles and restore color to the world.

● Surreal and otherworldly atmosphere - Experience an unreal and bizarre world ambiance that seamlessly melds surprise with eeriness.

● Haunting soundtrack - Engross yourself in the experience with tracks that deliver unearthly undertones.

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