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First-Person Parkour Platformer, Hirilun, Fully Released

First-Person Parkour Platformer, Hirilun, Fully Released

Where will you land on the worldwide leaderboards in this Sin City, Mirror's Edge mashup?

Montréal, Canada, March 14, 2022: Leading indie game publisher Meridian4 and developer Gone Mad Studios are excited to announce Hirilun, a first-person 3D speedrunning platformer, has been fully released on Steam, Epic, GoG, Humble, and Fanatical.

The stylized city of Hirilun will instantly draw you in as you run, dash, jump and glide your way up, down, and around to hit critical checkpoints. To be the best on the worldwide leaderboards, and to beat your competition you will need to be very quick at non-stop running and jumping, as you explore the neo-noir city of Hirilun.

  • Hirilun will launch at 9.99 USD with a week-long discount of 20%. Wishlist today so you do not miss the launch discount.

"We are eager to launch Hirilun and see the leaderboards filled with players trying to get the best times”, said Erik Rueda, developer at Gone Mad Studios.

"I am thrilled that fans all over the world will experience Hirilun and hopefully knock the devs off the leaderboards!" said Jeff Giasson, Managing Director of Meridian4.

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