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About Us

Formed 2021 - After meeting online playing Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone Multiplayer, Ash asked Fabio if he would be interested in helping him with a Podcast he had been planning to create covering everything Xbox. The name XBL Party Podcast was chosen as it was to represent not only the Xbox content that would be covered, but also the way in which the idea of the show was formed.

Flash forward a year to 2022 and the podcast team had grown to include a variety of new members. Not only did the team produce over 40 XBL Party Podcast episodes over the year, bringing together people from all over the world to discuss the video games they love, but we also launched 2 brand new region specific shows focusing on content suited to both the USA and UK regions.

Ash also launched the We Blow Carts podcast that focuses on talking about retro video games! All our podcasts are available live/on demand on our youtube channel as well as in audio format on this very website and all major podcast providing platforms!


We have also expanded our content output to include a variety of other shows, live video game streams and regular video game reviews!

With the launch of our very on website we are also providing daily video gaming news as well as written reviews and opinion pieces covering all platforms available!

We may have started as an Xbox focused podcast back in early 2021 but in 2022 we are a team focused on providing quality entertainment, news and content for all video game lovers!

Are YOU looking to publish your articles/reviews online? Get in touch with us HERE and we can make it happen! We are always looking for new people who would like to work with us and get their voices out there! Maybe your not interested in writing and would be more suited to Podcasting? Thats fine too as we are always looking to add exciting new shows to our network! 

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